From the family that brought “Sultan’s Market” established in 1995, in Chicago, has now finally after 10 years building and preparing for their newest venture “MASADA” named after the family matriarch “Masada Ramli”.

The concept began when the “Ramli’s” took a tour of the Middle East visiting Jordan, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Territories. After getting back to the states there was a yearning for that same magical, mystical, warm silky aired nights filled with pungent smells of spices wafting through those bustling souks and cafes that they decided to recreate the same atmosphere here in Logan square Chicago. A task that would send the family into 10 years of designing, studying, and building of what there version of a family restaurant with true middle eastern flavors and sounds that would touch all your 4 senses, which was no easy task. Brick by brick and many nights of burning the midnight oil the concept started to take shape of an atmosphere that is truly authentic.

The 10,000-square-foot Masada is adorned with vintage family portraits, Middle Eastern relics, lanterns and paintings. The first and second floors can accommodate 200 people, while an additional 100 diners can sit on two secluded back patios.

As you walk through the restaurant you will notice the passion the Ramli’s love for family and food. Portraits of that vacation that inspired “MASADA” and memories are covering the interior walls that wrap around a breath taking court yard for outdoor dining leading to the roof top dining under the stars and sky.

As you make your way following that luring sounds of the tabla drum, leading you to the lower level where you will find your self enjoying a hand made cocktail with hints of sage, mint, cardamom, and native fruits of the Middle East which will strike up your curiosity of what the Middle East is really all about. So please except our invitation to join us in celebrating what is humanly natural to enjoy food, music, and interesting conversations at our table that was created with you in mind…..

Enjoy and a thousand blessing be upon you!


We will keep you updated about our re-opening plans.
Thank you

2206 N.California Ave. Chicago IL 60647